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If you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 6, you may experience problems in using this app. Apple has yet to fix the problem with geolocating with Apps on their recent software update, so until they do, please utilize the Power Club services by viewing these pages in your Safari browser.

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Now that you have successfully downloaded your Cummins Locator App there are some things you should be aware of. To the best of our ability, we have included addresses, phone numbers, and map locations on this site that we believe to be accurate. We're confident that this information can be beneficial to you while you're on the road. However, we do rely on third party input that can be erroneous. And, naturally, over the course of time site information is subject to change. In most cases, phone numbers are included with the site locations. It is recommended that you call your destination in advance to verify the accuracy of critical information before committing to a long drive.

Every Cummins Distributor is included on this App, including Coach Care Service Centers that are exclusively for motor coach service, but not every location within the "My Travel Director" category will likely appear. This is especially true of Restaurants, as there are simply countless numbers and types of restaurants that are forever changing and cannot be accounted for on this App.

There are numerous ways to find the site you are interested in locating. You can search by nearest locations, provided you allow www.cumminslocator.com to use your current location, or you can search by City, State, Province or Zip. It is recommended that you spell out the entire City, State, or Province to assure greater search accuracy.

When you are navigating through the Power Club App you can always return home by touching the home icon (). It is important to note that when you navigate to a map, you will need to go back to your Home Screen and click on the Power Club icon in order to return to the App.

We are committed to making this tool as useful as possible for our Cummins customers, and will continue to monitor its accuracy and add more helpful information as time goes on. We appreciate your support.